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You want to love yourself, know that you are enough and create your product and service offerings from that abundance of love energy.

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No, but it will be harder. Some ways to start right now to cultivate the love inside yourself so you can become magnetic in your business. Ironically, there is even more negative judgement towards those individuals who are viewed as having more than their share. If you feel resentment, envy, jealousy and judgment towards those who do have money and abundance, your subconscious will work overtime to ensure you do NOT become one of those people you dislike.

When you can do that, money and opportunities to have, earn and create more money will be attracted to you.

Just like there is no one like you, t here is no business like yours. Even if you are selling products, you are still communicating a message with your marketing. Build your unique message around the value you have to share with others. Put yourself into your products, build your essence into all of your communications. Put your love and care into your products, services, communications with clients, subscribers and prospects.

Something I see over and over again is people following what they think will bring them money the fastest, no matter if they really know their stuff or even care about the topic. Public service announcement: If you do not have true expertise and or experience in a certain topic area, you are not yet qualified to teach or sell it. What you are doing is a lie. If you do not have the true experience or expertise, go get it. You can interview experts and build your community around assembling the information and inspiration your tribe wants and needs.

This is an ultra-lucrative way to build your business, especially if add some of you to your message and you love that message. In a nutshell, while I was teaching Law of Attraction principles, I imagined and operated as if my ideal customer avatar was Kerry, my best friend in the whole world. One of the things this helped me do was to instill my expression of love for Kerry in every single email communication to my list community, every single video, and every single product offering. There was so much love in the creation of these marketing pieces that they became magnetic.

My workshops are always full, and my offerings gobbled up. They wanted me to look at the numbers instead of the hearts and to only communicate strategically with them. They were asking me to not follow my intuition and love the community I had built as much as I truly did. I found when I followed this well-meaning advice, the work became hard, like pushing that boulder up the mountain. You can choose to follow your heart, your entrepreneurial intuition and create a business you LOVE. I invite you to reframe your ideal prospects and customers as people who have come to you for love.

Someone in a FB group began talking about marketing something she had no experience or expertise in and some of us had to get very real with her. And it makes it more difficult for the people who are out there truly sharing their expertise — that yes, is hard fought — like you! I am sorry for your accident because I know how much you love your horses and I know that even if you choose not to be the star of the show, you will find a way to still have a wonderful relationship with them.

I have followed you for many years and always benefit greatly from your even bigger and better re-birth after every mayor event in your life.


I so love this message. So many people, especially entrepreneurs want the money, but take action from fear. I love the message you bring to the world here. Go forward in love, and the rest falls into place. Thank you for sharing your heart! Thank you Paul. Wow, this is powerful, Maritza! I had a big breakthrough a few weeks ago to also choose love over fear, just like you said. That is a game-changer. Thank you Austin! That is so cool that you consciously chose love over fear I know you did because you are up to big things, like your upcoming book launch!

Love it that you ask that question Jodi! And, we can always find a deeper place of love for ourselves and others… Always! Amazing 4 insights. Maritza, you absolutely rock! Your message is having an enormous impact on me. I immediately knew where you were coming from. I was floored about both the comment and the tone. So powerful Maritza! Thank you! Wow asking for the answer to a question as you did and the action to took once you received the answer is so inspiring.

My Outer Order Manifesto for My New Book “Outer Order, Inner Calm.”

The 4 keys you listed really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing your great gifts here Maritza, they are very special. Practicality is what I need to be able to implement in my business. When I first got ahold of this book, we were to only skim over the first page. I read the whole chapter. The beginning where Veronica breaks up with Seth, then seeing his dad with this mistress, it set good grounds for what was to come.

I was pulled immediately into Seth's character, his sarcasm getting himself into trouble and questioning love, it reminded me Our class did a reading assignment, and we were to choose three books, and our instructor would try to get the book we enjoyed the most. I was pulled immediately into Seth's character, his sarcasm getting himself into trouble and questioning love, it reminded me of myself. Same with Dimitri, the other smartass, and Seth's best friend. He was perfect sidekick material. The way everything set itself up in the book felt natural, with things being exposed and certain events happening as if these characters were written my individual people and not just one guy.

I haven't read any other of Eric Lupers books, but this singular book makes me want to read his entire catalog. In short, the book was funny, energetic, and kept me excited to see what happened next in each chapter. The ending felt clean, and was executed perfectly. I recommend this book to anyone. Jul 19, Lauren rated it liked it. I'm from the Albany area, so it was kind of fascinating to read a book set there and know lots of the obscure details the author mentions like names of town newspapers and streets.

One time he referenced Central Ave while I was actually driving down Central Ave, and it was freaky to say the least. This book was funny, and the care taken with the ending truly impressed me, though I don't think it's the kind of book that will stay with me for the long haul. I wasn't particularly interested in the r I'm from the Albany area, so it was kind of fascinating to read a book set there and know lots of the obscure details the author mentions like names of town newspapers and streets. I wasn't particularly interested in the romantic angle, and found myself more interested in Seth's familial predicament and seeing him sort through the emotions of seeing his father out on a date with another woman.

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I listened to this on audiobook, and the narrator Nick Podehl was truly great. He's narrated a lot of audiobooks, and I can see why because his voice modulates so well to create different voices and emotions. I would highly recommend the book for teenage boys, and there is a real lack of contemporary YA books for teenage boys, so that fact is noteworthy in and of itself. Nov 08, Ms. Ewing rated it liked it Shelves: ya , fathers , battle-of-the-books , guys. Funny with a little romance. Oct 27, Christy rated it really liked it. An entertaining audiobook about a teenager figuring his love life.

Jun 25, Anita rated it liked it Shelves: romance , young-adult. He hashes is out on a podcast, in which he calls himself The Love Manifesto. Girls who kick butt, and 2. Books told from the male perspective. So here we have two for two! I think had I been smart enough to have actually read books other than the ones assigned to me while I was in High School, and discovered said books, I may have at least had a little more understanding about guys.

Or at least could assume that despite what the book may say, men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus. In many ways, it seems as though guys and girls have many of the same doubts and fears, and even expectations of others. Anyhow…on with the review, right? I felt like I could be friends with Seth Baumgartner. He was the slightly put off, a little sarcastic guy who was dealing with a large load, and in typical teenage fashion, was dealing with it on his own, even if he did have his friends right there with him.

He makes honest mistakes and whole heartedly tries to correct them. His best friend, Dimitri, was the slightly overweight, comic relief of the book.

Relationship Manifesto -- Girlfriends, Threesomes And Open Relationships

Actually, he had some very insightful remarks, thrown in among some that were extremely gross, or mostly ignorant. The relationship between Dimitri and Audrey was classic brother and sister, I honestly have never seen a more true representation in any book. I was just not feeling the music, on my end.

I was too wrapped up in the other parts of the story I think. Each new thing he learned seemed to take its place within the confusion that already existed in his brain. He would attempt to apply it, or make sense of it, but in the end, it all seems to seep through the cracks and out the window. There are things in life that are more important than a chemical high that you get when you meet an attractive person. I also loved the many, many references to current events in the book.

That is not something you find all the time, but even if in the media and public eye it dies down; in this book it will be forever remembered that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. Is it okay to love and not love a book for the same exact reason? Sep 05, Maximillian Jackson rated it liked it Shelves: english Seth Baumgartner has been having a pretty crappy day, mostly because The Universe decided to take a giant crap on it.

The novel has relatable characters, realistic experiences, good humor and even a twist or two toward the end. I was initially intrigued by the motif of a young man doing a podcast about love but the idea never really takes root. I actually enjoyed the golf club aspect of the story because it added something new and provided a place for the conflict between Seth and his father to simmer and in the end boil over. Although the jargon and sports terms can confuse someone who is not familiar with golf, the scenes play an important part story-wise and thematically, as many important plot threads are sewn from the setting of the golf club and, as in many books featuring sports, golf represents on outlet through which the protagonist expresses himself and channels his many frustrations.

Jul 07, Haley Mathiot rated it really liked it. It drew me in right away with the writing style and the witty characters. I loved the characters. You got to love Audrey. Obnoxious, sarcastic, but sweet on her man in subtle ways, and a very good kisser. The plot was great: it had drama, mystery, and emotion without getting sappy or melodramatic. Even though I was hoping for something a little deeper, he did end the story well and I was satisfied after finishing. Good writing, great character, fun plot, awesome ending, and I love the mp3-player cover!

Mar 23, Brandi rated it liked it Shelves: teen , random-reads-column , Anonymously and with an altered voice, Seth begins to pour his feelings, opinions, observations, and personal encounters into his podcast, which is really starting to build a following. Recording the podcast as not enough for Seth in terms of dealing with all the life-altering events circling his life. Especially when the podcasts consist of listing all the reasons he loves his ex. Seth decides to get a new job to replace his old job from which he was fired.

How did they expect him to get back to work on time after the worst break-up ever? Now the chase is on and Dimitri is in on it. From stake-outs to garage door clicker scavenger hunts to unexpected love, Seth and Dimitri uncover quite a bit of information that was extremely unexpected. Love mixed with humor, music, espionage, and golf proves to be an accurate recipe for success. Aug 12, Nikki Wicked Awesome Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya , contemporary , favorites , own , humor , read-in After losing his girlfriend, losing his job, and witnessing his dad out with a woman that is not his mother, Seth Baumgartner realizes that he is having a very bad day.

This is a gushing, glowing review filled with adoration and possible squeeing. Eric Luper writes with a fluidity and wit. Say something. She looked so tiny, so thin and delicate. Things sure have changed. Nowadays, I suspect Audrey could handle herself in a saloon full of undead barbarian pirate ogres. Okay, I'm not sure whether this is really 5 stars, but I'm going to bump it up from 4. And, it's a book about golf. Seriously, a high school boy's dramatic summer and golf.

How can that not be awesome? The story: Seth Baumgartner's girlfriend dumps him at Applebee's on her lunch break , totally blindsides him, and just as he's groveling, his father walks into the restaurant. With another woman. It was an amusing snapshot of a sevent Okay, I'm not sure whether this is really 5 stars, but I'm going to bump it up from 4. It was an amusing snapshot of a seventeen year old boy as he deals with his life crumbling around him.

Granted, Seth comes from a fairly well-to-do family, members at a country club, where he can play for free, but Seth doesn't drive a fancy car and his parents are making him have a job even if he can't seem to keep them. He doesn't come across as spoiled, just perfectly ordinary in an upper-middle class kind of way.

The romance was sweet and there were no surprises. I also would not like the fact that he's touching her - or kissing her. Seth and his dad can see the world in all kinds of colors or whatnot, but in the end, his dad was still cheating on his mom, even if they weren't sleeping together. Taking care of the half-brother is one thing, getting smoochey is another. Seriously, I can't believe how much geeky golf talk there is in a YA book.

The Manifesto and the End of Plural Marriage

I'm not sure how well this book will hold up as time passes, with it's reliance on tech and media and music, but it was really cute and nothing objectionable for the true YA crowd. I picked up this book because Nick Podehl was narrating. He's still awesome. Nov 06, Ben Klayer rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , fiction , love.

Before I discuss the great things about this novel, I want to mention the few nit-picky negative things. Like, I had to scratch my head and reread certain passages. Wouldn't Seth and Anders know that they had to beat Dmitri's score before they played their final round? All the climatic buildup fell flat. Because a college kid dating his best friend's junior-year-in-high-school sister is cool, right?

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It's a pretty easy read. No huge metaphors. Although that's not necessarily a bad thing. I snickered quite a few times while reading. And trust me, I rarely do that. There's no fairy-tale conclusion. There's no John Green-esque self-realization. It's believable and authentic. This is how high schoolers act. Basically, the main character Seth sets up his own internet radio show and talks about love.

The podcast chapters are short and straightforward. They recap big plot points that just happened, and also fill in the reader or listener, literally about minor details that happen off-screen, per se. And Seth always has something to discuss, because everything in his life revolves around the concept of love Jul 14, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: own , romance , realistic-fiction , humor. One of the most interesting things about this book for me was the fact that it takes place in my home town.

It adds a whole new dimension to the story when you can visualize the streets and landmarks. When Seth drove through Washington Park or turned from South Lake onto Ne One of the most interesting things about this book for me was the fact that it takes place in my home town. It was a fascinating new experience. Meanwhile, he spends his free time at the golf course where his best friend works, preparing for the big father-son tournament, which suddenly seems like a greater challenge given what he now knows about his father.

Despite the fact that I have very little interest in golf and my attention tended to wane during the golf scenes and discussions, I found this book to be wonderfully engaging and entertaining. The characters are all well-developed and believable, and the writing is virtually flawless. I tend to be very nit-picky about sloppy writing and poor exposition and the like, and I found nothing at all to complain about with this book.

Aug 05, Linden rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Young adult readers. Surprisingly, because I had expected to finish another novel that evening and surprisingly that I couldn't break it off in favor of the other book. Eric Luper introduces us to Seth at the crossroads of two big events: His girlfriend-initiated breakup at Applebee's and seeing his father in a warm moment with a woman who wasn't his mother at another booth.

Though I knew where the story was going about halfway through, it didn't m Surprisingly I read Seth Baumgartner's Love Manifesto at one sitting. Though I knew where the story was going about halfway through, it didn't matter because I so enjoyed the 'how' of what Luper wrote rather than the 'what' of plot. I loved Seth's podcasts with audio accompaniments and the great song choices. Outer order contributes to inner calm. Without delay is the easiest way. When in doubt, toss it out—or recycle it, or give it away.

One of the worst uses of time is to do something well that need not be done at all. Accept yourself, and expect more from yourself. Things often get messier before they get tidier. Store things at the store. Little by little, you can get a lot accomplished. Nothing is more exhausting than the task that is never started. Clutter attracts clutter. The days are long, but the years are short. What would you add? You can download this manifesto as a PDF here. My publisher is giving away 24 copies of Outer Order, Inner Calm!

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